She was the guardian of the home, travelers, honeymooners and orphans. She represented the moral idea of ​​purity and durability of family life.

Hestia was the daughter of Kronos and Rea, sister of Zeus, Demeter and Hera, and Poseidon and Hades. As the oldest daughter she was the first one swallowed by Kronos. Just like Artemida, she vowed to virginity, she did not have her own family, although she looked after all families in the world. Her whole life was lonely and devoted to her vocation.

Hestia belonged to the Olympic gods. She was the mildest god and never took part in their disputes. She never went down to Earth (she was still on Olympus all the time). According to some sources, she gave her place to Olympi Dionysus because she wanted to look after the holy fire on Earth.

Every newborn child, on the fifth day after birth, was fired around the hearth, handing it over to Hestia. The mother of the bride fired for the first time a fire in the new home with a flame coming from her temple. The guest who came to the house where he was not welcome, had to catch the edge of the fire. From that time, the hosts could not do anything to him.

Hestia’s cult had a pro-European origin. This is probably one of the oldest European deities. Westa is the equivalent of Hestia in Roman mythology.

Her attributes were torches and bonfires. She did not have a temple because every home was her altar.

The role of Hestia is played by Dominika, makeup and hairstyle are the work of Ewelina Łośko.

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