He was the god of dying and dying, a soul carrier across the Acheron River (or Styx).

Charon is a grim old man, ruthless and merciless. No one was allowed to enter his boat (a few times he deviated from this rule, but he always had to pay for it, eg Heracles had to spend a year in chains), during the journey the souls of the dead had to paddle and Charon steered the boat. He charged a fee for his services – a coin worth 1 ace, which is why it was customary for the family to place the coin in the mouth of the deceased.

In art, Charon is presented as a bearded, gray, ugly old man dressed in a slave costume (with one sleeve) and a round travel hat. He often stands in a boat with an oar.

The role of Charon was played by Łukasz Lisowski, the dress was made by Ewelina Łośko, the props for the session were provided by Lucis Media

Gods of ancient Greece

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