Nike, goddess of victory

She was the epitome of victory, she often decorated monuments commemorating the famous victories in battles. She was introduced as a young woman …


Hera, queen of Olympus

Hera was the wife and sister of Zeus, queen of Olympus, goddess of heaven and fertility, patron of motherhood, guardian of marriage, beauty and family.



Demeter was one of the ancient gods of nature, the goddess of fertility of the land, fertility, arable land, cereals, agriculture. She was called the “lady of the grain”, “the lady of cereals.” According to Teogonia Hezjod …



She was the guardian of the home, travelers, honeymooners and orphans. She represented the moral idea of ​​purity and durability of family life …


Charon, God of Dying

He was the god of dying and dying, a soul carrier across the Acheron River (or Styx).
Charon is a grim old man, ruthless and merciless. No one was allowed to enter his boat …



She was the goddess of love, beauty, flowers, desire and fertility. She was also the most beautiful goddess of the Greek Olympus.The issue of its origin is variously depicted in myths. According to one of them, Aphrodite had no parents and emerged from the sea foam near Cyprus…



She was the goddess of justice, law and eternal order.
Themis was the daughter of Uranos and Gaia. She married Zeus (she was his second wife). From their relationship, three hardships were born – Eunomia, Dike, Ejrene – and three Mojras, a virgin Astraja (the personification of justice), and …



Poseidon was the god of the seas, earthquakes, sailors and fishermen.
He was the son of Kronos and Rei, the brother of Hades, Hera, Demeter, Hestia and Zeus. Immediately after birth, he fell victim to his father’s power-hungry desire and was swallowed by him. Saved after a few years …



He was a god of fire, blacksmiths and goldsmiths. His parents were Zeus and Hera or, according to another version, Hera herself. As a child, he was thrown from Olympus by Zeus to the island of Lemnos, because he argued in exchange for his mother. He paid for it with a broken leg and laughed. According to another version, Hera got rid of him …